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Bri 2011 Xmas
For those of you who are on Facebook and would like to friend me over there, my name over there is Drammar English.

I'm hoping to reconnect to some of you that I've fallen out of touch with that way.


Bri 2011 Xmas
Hoo boy, there is too much truth here. And check out the comments -- spot on.

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Bri 2011 Xmas
Below is a picture of my daughter, taken last Sunday at the finish of the Marine Corps Marathon.

Me? Proud? Whatever gave you that impression.

She ROCKS!!!Andree


Selling off the collection *sigh*

Bri 2011 Xmas
It's time. I need the money, and I need to get rid of these baskets, pottery and wrought iron.
I'm not refusing any reasonable offer.
The baskets you see here are in excellent condition. Most have either never been used or been used only rarely.
Make me an offer!!!
I'm going to put them up on eBay if they don't sell here. I'm also having an Open House today, but honestly don't expect many takers.
Please consider giving these lovely items a new home.

You can let me know you are interested in an email through LJ or by commenting. I will be glad to provide close-ups of anything you are interested in.

Thanks for considering!








A Discovery

Bri 2011 Xmas
I am on vacation for the week. Think palm trees, surf in the distance, handsomely ripped cabana boys .... no WAIT -- don't wake me up!!!

In reality, my vacation is being spent  digging out the basement. There are boxes down here (it's on the same level as the office) that have never been unpacked or looked at in 18 years!! (That was when we moved in with my Mom and then years later to this house).

I thought about just tossing everything out -- surely if it hasn't been used in 18 years it's no longer needed, right? But my better nature prevailed, and I have found some very interesting stuff that must be preserved. My grandfather's Master Mason certificate from 1899. My Grandmother's confirmation certificate the 1870's. Other pictures and family memorabilia. A gorgeous Lenox china vase that was a wedding present to us (41 years ago November).

And this little gem, which I share with you all. God Bless every single one of my "chips".



Saturday morning

Bri 2011 Xmas
Am feeling vaguely unsettled this morning. Nothing I can put my finger on.

So many people I know are having difficult times -- their own or family member's illness, job difficulties, marital difficulties and decisions, grief and loss. And I have no room for complaining. But yet here I am...just...unsettled is the only word that comes to mind.

Little aches and pains -- I managed somehow to sprain my thumb yesterday, so that even picking up a cup of coffee is hard. My arthritic feet and ankles are sore so that I'm having trouble moving around.

Work has been frustrating -- I really love my new role, but would like them to leave me alone and let me do it. You remember my mention that they hired a person that I had supervised in another life to take over my old job?  He did NOT work out. Way too big a job for him at this point in his career. Fortunately he landed on his feet and is happy doing something else. But the person they brought in? Oh my Lord in Heaven. I give it six more weeks. He's a hypercritical bore who micromanages everything without taking the time to learn what he needs to know about the systems and technology and just does not "get" it.

I saw the grandkids last week -- Brianna stayed with me while the rest of the family went to the football game. My friend Betsy had made her some little tiny bracelets which she was pleased to model.

100_1523   Praying for a win?

I have other pictures but for some reason LiveJournal is not letting me upload any more. Grrr.

Anyway -- I wish you all a terrific weekend, and I am going to go make a list of everything I'm grateful for and see if I can't change my perspective and get to feeling better!

All About Me

Bri 2011 Xmas
So, catching up.

Things are going well at work with the new position. There is some sweet irony going on here -- when I was the Assistant Manager for Central Station, my boss, who shall remain Anonymous least he become embarrassed, acted like I didn't exist. Rarely came to me for anything other that to shove problem customers at me or to bring "disciplinary" issue to my attention.

But now that I am the "Training and Quality Compliance Manager" he is constantly asking me for my opinion, getting my input on special projects, and all-in-all treating me as if I have a brain. It's refreshing, and I'm enjoying it, but the weirdness of the situation is not lost on me.

The recent DC area storms played hell with work -- our alarm and phone call volume was easily tripled, but we hunkered down, worked very long hours, and got it done.

I've been stuck in the my weight loss journey. I hit the 45 lb mark, and I've been there for about a month. So this morning I will have my first workout at Curves. I was a member there about 8 years ago and had to stop for health related issues. Those are now well under control and I'm looking forward to jacking up my metabolism through exercise so the pounds will start dropping again.

Bob gave us a bit a scare several weeks ago. He had been complaining of pain in his leg. I had told him I though he should see the doctor, which he (being a manly man) kept putting off. One morning he woke in such intense pain that he couldn't bear weight on the leg and we had to get him to the hospital by ambulance. Turns out he had a SIX INCH section of the artery in his thigh that was blocked by plaque and blood clots! No wonder he hurt! They were able to clear it out and put a stent in to support the artery wall, and all is OK, but Whew! That was more excitement then we needed for sure! He still has some pain, but goes back to the doctor today. We'll see what's next at that point.

Brianna had her end-of-year dance recital. She was a cute as a button, and at some point I hope to have pictures from her Mom to post. And Brendan made the soccer travel team, so Go Brendan!

My "niece-in-law" has moved in with my sister, bringing her two young daughters. AJ is my sister's grandchild, and Z is AJ's sister. She calls my sister Grammom too. It's "temporarily permanent" but I'll be able to see the girls more frequently so it's great for me!

I think that's all my news. How's life for you all?
Bri 2011 Xmas
You remember that I recently moved from the position of Central Station Assistant Manager into the position of Manager for Training and Quality Compliance?

Many years ago I worked at Verizon Avenue, a subsidiary of Verizon Communications. I was a new supervisor there, and was asked to start a Retention Team -- a team of representatives who were to talk to customers who mentioned the magic word "cancel" in their conversations with other representatives and make every effort to keep the customer. This group was to consist of the "best of the best." I was given full latitude to choose, schedule, train, develop procedures, and anything else you can think of for this group.

One of the young men I chose was DL. We've kept in occasional touch during the years -- an email or two here and there, and we're connected on LinkedIn as well. I heard from him out of the blue about a month ago, and I told him that at my current job we had a couple of openings, and if he was interested I would put in a good word for him.

 Guess who is being hired to backfill my position? That's right -- DL. I'm so very excited that he's coming on board. I'm really looking forward to working with him again, and I know that he's going to make an excellent and positive addition to our staff.

That's the power of networking.


A new job

Bri 2011 Xmas
Everything has finally come together, and I am officially in my new job -- Manager of Training and Quality Compliance.

This is a huge change -- I'm going from actively managing a staff of 60+ people to managing: me. Don't get me wrong. It's a good change, but a bit bittersweet. Within the company, it's regarded as a lateral move, but let me tell you that any change that results in a new office -- completely redone, with the latest technology for presentations and training experience, together with the opportunity to CREATE a whole new department within the organization, coupled with the autonomy to set my own hours and the freedom to say "Oooh Shiny" and they buy it for me? That feels a lot like a promotion to me!

It's a good position, one that has the full support of the Vice-President of Operations. He's only been on the job for about six months, but I really like this guy. He's very sharp, very knowledgeable, and is a great strategic thinker. I'm going to enjoy learning from him.

I will still be involved in Central Station and other operations departments, just in a different context. And I know that the supervisors will still rely on me for support in many matters.

Lots of work to do over the upcoming months. Very exciting stuff that's going to keep me very very busy. I'm going to work real hard to update here on a regular basis, both to keep in touch and to keep a record of things.

In other news -- I have lost 35 lbs since January 13!! My goal for this year is 100 lbs and I'm feeling very positive about succeeding.

How's things in your neck of the woods?


Bri 2011 Xmas

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